Oak Smoked Corn 5
avocado aioli, bacon,
Midnight Moon Gouda, lime

Beefsteak Tomatoes 10
corn custard, chow chow,
smoked sunflower seeds

Pimento Cheese 7
dilly beans, toast

Falafel 8
cucumber yogurt,
pickled radish

Monkey Boy
Steamed Mussels 12

roasted garlic-tarragon butter,
whole grain mustard french fries

Smoked Chicken Wings - Classic Buffalo 8
Franks Red Hot, butter
(blue cheese or buttermilk ranch)
Smoked Chicken Wings - Harissa 8
za’atar, apricot honey
(cumin yogurt dipping sauce)

Smoked Chicken Wings - Dry Coffee Rub 8
(blue cheese or buttermilk ranch)

Hot Smoked Chicken Chorizo Dog 13
caramelized onion, pickled peppers,
cilantro, queso fresco

Smoked Brisket Sandwich 15
coffee rub, marble rye,
Fat Gary mustard, Grateful Cheddar,
tomato-black pepper jam, watercress

Buxton Hall BBQ Platter 20
North Carolina BBQ pork, braised greens,
baked beans, cornbread

Extra Sides
Braised greens 5
Baked Beans 5
Cornbread 4
Dilly Beans 3

For the Little Ones….or Big Ones
Chicken Tenders 6
French Fries 4
Mac n Cheese 5
Grilled Cheese 5

Adam Lambert’s Grandma’s Berry Cobbler 8
with Millie’s vanilla bean ice cream

Brioche Bread Pudding 7
Wild Cherry Compote, whipped cream

Millie’s Sorbet 4